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Marigold Pazar is an actor, artist, dancer and filmmaker. She began her acting training in 2009 at ACTT (now AFTT) and Screenwise, has trained with Bill Pepper and taken master classes with Kevin Jackson and Imara Savage. Over the years Marigold has gained experience acting in independent short films, theatre productions, commercials, tv, & music videos. As a multidisciplinary artist with a background in dance, music and art, collaboration and creating her own work is an integral part of her career as an actor/artist.

Recent acting/directing/producing credits include Exodus: The Endless Valley, winner for Best Drama at the Film Festival of Time (short 2020), Angyalka (short 2019) The Crucible (2021).

Acting credits also include Devil Woman (short 2018), Murder on the Nile (2021), Short + Sweet (2016) The Tempest (2015), Toy Symphony (2015).

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