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(little angel)

Short Film 2020


The film's title, Angyalka is 'little angel' in Hungarian, and draws upon the imagery from European folk stories and fairy tales, while set in a dream-like Australian bush.


Angyalka is a dream within daydream within an ordinary moment! A girl in a cafe sketching in her journal stops to gaze out the window. Something occurs to her in that moment and instead of dismissing it she follows it's thread. This takes her on a journey she has to see through to the end. She learns that both her dreams and darkest nightmares coexist, and that to make her dreams a reality she must face the dark parts she's afraid of. 

Cast & Crew

Marigold Pazar



Marigold Pazar is an actress, dancer, visual artist, photographer, and filmmaker. She grew up in Newcastle, where she attended the Newcastle Waldorf Steiner School, and trained as a ballet dancer form the age of three. After finishing high school, she became fascinated with film and theatre and turned to acting as something of a new challenge.  In this pursuit she has trained in Sydney at ACTT (now the Academy of Film, Theatre & Television), Screenwise, Darlo Drama, and has taken classes with Bill Pepper as a voice coach.

Rowan Moses

Actress/Assistant Director/Producer


Rowan Moses is a professional actress and model. She has a background in Street Theatre, Comedy, Realism, Surrealism, Physical Theatre, Cabaret, Verbatim, Melodrama, Commedia Dell'Arte & Clowning.

She has recently graduated from studying at WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of performing Arts) majoring in screen acting, and is very passionate & dedicated towards all the elements of the acting & modelling industry. She takes well to direction having skill in performance, catwalk & print work and experience working with internationally known photographers such as Mary Ellen Mark & Justin Ridler to name a few. She loves new challenges and working in a variety of different film and theatre genres, such as period drama where she has already received roles in Baz Lurhmann's Great Gatsby and TV Series A Place To Call Home. She has a special love for nature, singing, dancing and also loves being inspired by great artworks, music, books and film.

Carmen Corser



Carmen Corser is a cellist and musician, and she is playing the part of Ruth as her first acting role for film. She specialises in improvisation and comes from a multicultural background of different musical influences. 

Her love for acting began at school, performing in plays during her last high school years. Although music and the cello take up most of her time, teaching and training, her enthusiasm to perform and take on a role for the stage or screen is immediate as she feels a deep affinity to the art of storytelling.


Directed by Marigold Pazar

Written by Marigold Pazar

Cinematography by Benjamin Fraser McKenzie

Eatyourstars Production
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Berlin International Art Film Festival - 2021 (1).png
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